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The DCO web sites are managed by Proglen Trading Company which was the first company to build an ecommerce site in Thailand in 1995 after the internet became a public service here. This first site was hosted on KSC's server and was called MultiVision serving the then small group, probably less than a few hundred, subscribers in Thailand. Since then, and after many firsts such as bringing online credit card ordering in Thailand with the Siam Commercial Bank, Proglen has become a manager and fulfillment specialist for numerous web sites.

The Body Jewelry Business

During the 90's much of the world's jewelry manufacturing industry migrated to Thailand where they found a plentiful and skilled workforce. Bangkok became the hub of body jewelry manufacturing and because Proglen had always been happy to share its ecommerce experiences it soon found itself helping some of the body jewelry distributors run web sites selling to overseas customers. Among those it either manages or does the fulfillment for are www.my-belly-button-ring.com which supplies belly button rings and www.bellyringsuk.co.uk which is a body jewelry and belly ring store selling to the UK market.

Thai Made Air Conditioner Exports

Thailand has also become a major manufacturing base for air conditioners with both Japanese and Thai owned factories based here. One of the most forward looking Thai companies is Tasaki and Proglen is proud to be associated with Tasaki (UK) Ltd. who supply to the UK air conditioner units.

English Language Publishing

Early in its internet business the company found that there was a market outside Thailand for the English language books published here. The publishers had no easy way of serving this market and the internet had become a place people looked for books. Not only did Proglen support its own book sites but it also handled the fulfillment for some of the publishers on their own web sites. Among these were the Post Books division of the Bangkok Post newspaper and Bangkok Books.

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