Bangkok Knights by Collin Piprell

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Bangkok Knights by Collin Piprell

in love, and worse, in the city of angels

A few of the characters and questions
that arise in Bangkok Knights:

What is Leary’s Law, and why should every foreign male bachelor in Thailand be aware of it? Under what circumstances was a gentleman named Sid "Siddiqi" Davis crushed to death by a falling bargirl known as Big Toy? Why is a hangover like sticking your tongue on a doorknob? For what nefarious reasons would a local expat woman’s club want to rent out "Billboard" Coburn’s backside? What is Bill Baxter from Seattle’s strange fascination with a young lady who has a reputation for "feeding the ducks"? What is the Swollen Pig-Head Syndrome, and in how many ways is it going to ruin our narrator’s love-life?

Still more importantly – Will young Trevor Perry ever find his perfect soulmate? In three separate trips to Bangkok, this Traffic Engineer Extraordinaire interviews dozens of prime candidates for dinner and good times to come in Kuwait and Norwich. But the road to true love is booby-trapped with the likes of the legendary "Long Tall Lek", who used to be the star dancer at Shaky Jake’s, way back before her feet started acting up and she had to retire.

The answers to these mysteries lie in this sweet-sour chronicle of lumpenproletariat expat life in Bangkok.

From the author of Kicking Dogs and Yawn (A Thriller)

Bangkok 1989
3rd.Ed. 2001
Asia Books
216 pages
ISBN 9789748303451

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