Boy, Doc and the Green Man by Anthony Aikman

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Boy, Doc and the Green Man by Anthony Aikman

The author translated what he had seen and been involved with at first hand as a medical volunteer in a remote part of North Sumatra into another moving story. A sequel of The Black Swan (also by Post Books), Boy, Doc and the Green Man epitomizes the recurring conflict between age-old rural community life and the demands of modern society. It graphically describes how the traditional way of life in a small village of farmers and fishermen is destroyed when they are forced off their land to make way for "development". It subtly shows how peace and harmony are replaced by hatred and despair as witnessed by a boy whose family has to migrate from the calm of the countryside with its folklore wisdom, to the chaos of city slums, mob riots and summary justice.

Also includes The Fire-eater, a short story first broadcast by BBC World Service.

Bangkok 2000
Post Publishing
240 pages
ISBN 9789742280062

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