Cinderella Liberty by F. Scott Sinclair

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Cinderella Liberty by F. Scott Sinclair

Cinderella Liberty is a real page-turner about a private detective named Rick Olson whose client dies mysteriously at U.S. Customs. Rick begrudgingly leaves his beloved Thailand to solve the riddle, only to become enraged at being harassed by U.S. Customs officers because of sinister motives. His outrage against warrantless searches and the forfeiture laws is shared by former Supreme Court Justice, Theodore Marsh. Together they join hands to carry out their mutual cause: the elimination of warrantless searches and the forfeiture laws.

As they carry the fight to the halls of Congress, those whose livelihood depends upon such laws are threatened. Renegade law enforcement personnel form a secret society to destroy anyone who attempts to endanger their continued existence and funding. The odds are overwhelming and the stakes are high for both sides. America’s belief in personal freedom is at risk, and so is law enforcement’s future. A collision course in the making.

F. Scott Sinclair is a Vietnam Veteran living and writing novels in Thailand with his three best friends, his wife and two dogs.

Bangkok 2000
Suk’s Editions
241 pages
ISBN 9789747457254

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