Opium Dream by Jason Schoonover

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Opium Dream – An Asian Adventure by Jason Schoonover

From the Author of the Best-Selling Thai Gold

In the Afghan Desert,
an Archaeological Treasure is Unearthed …

Lee Rivers, field collector of antiquities and primitive art, is onto the hottest find of his career – Kublai Khan’s long-lost burial site and its accompanying terracotta harem.

Even before he camels into Afghanistan’s Desert-of-Death to spirit out 24 of the priceless artifacts, Rivers narrowly escapes assassination in Saigon and at his home in Bangkok, and mysterious gunmen and guardian angels dog him and his motley crew of companions on their harrowing 3,000-mile escape from the desert to the relatively safe havens of Luxor and Cairo.

Only after Rivers has sold the statues to national museums around the world – inevitably in prominent capital cities – does he learn that each has been compromised. What he discovers in the last statue he keeps for himself will give him only hours to prevent a terrible catastrophe.

More Non-Stop Action and Taut Suspense
From the Author of the Best-Selling Thai Gold

"A tour de force … accurate to a fault." – Bangkok Post

"A fast-paced Robert Ludlum-meets-Steven Spielberg romp." – Edmonton Journal

Bangkok 2002
Asia Books
360 pages
ISBN 9789748303611

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