Reading and Writing Thai

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Reading and Writing Thai

By Somsonge Burusphat

Reading And Writing Thai is a complete guide to reading and writing Thai at all levels. It is researched and designed by a Professor of Linguistics with extensive experience of teaching Thai to non-Thai speaking learners. A linguistic approach has been applied to the book so that the learners not only learn how to read and write the Thai language but also understand some aberrant linguistic phenomena.

The book is suitable for self-study or classroom use. It is organized in an easy way. The book gradually builds up reading and writing skills from the beginner level to advanced level. A beginner can begin the basics and then move on to intermediate lessons within the same book. The final lessons are for advanced students to increase their reading and writing skills.

  • Included:
  • Common and rare consonants
  • Consonant clusters and sequences
  • Simple and complex vowels
  • Tone markers
  • Exceptions to writing rules
  • Graded texts

Bangkok 2006, 3rd edition 2015
Ekphimthai Ltd.
324 Pages
ISBN 9786163823861

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Somsonge Burusphat

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