Take China

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Take China by Harold Stephens

The Last of the China Marines

"We were not loading ships to go home; we were going to China to repatriate the Japanese forces. That was the reason they gave, but there were other factors at hand which they didn’t tell us. These we would find out for ourselves later. All we knew now was that we were going to a foreign land we hardly knew existed, nor did we know exactly why we were going. We made no decisions, and controlled no destinies, not even our own. We were told to pack our gear, and to load ships. That was all we knew."

"First impressions are lasting. Those who were there that day in Tsingtao on October 15, 1945, will forever remember the landing and reception we received. No ticker tape parade in New York City for a returning victorious army could have been more grand."

In May, 1949, it was a different story. What happened between October 15, 1945, and this date is the story of the last of the China Marines.

US 2002
Wolfenden Book
Size 134 x 218 mm
366 pages
ISBN 9780964252189

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