Thai Reference Grammar


Thai Reference Grammar: The Structure of Spoken Thai
By James Higbie and Snea Thinsan

By the Author of Essential Thai

There are many phrasebooks and course books for beginning-level Thai but until now there has been no book that explains higher-level Thai sentence structure and functional vocabulary. Many students of the Thai language find that basic-level Thai is easy to pick up, but that the language becomes more difficult at higher levels. (For example, there are four ways to say ” and eleven ways to say ”.) Thai Reference Grammar fills the need for a work that explains high-level Thai sentence structure and vocabulary. The book presents clear explanations of advanced Thai structure, illustrated with examples of typical Thai speech.

The authors, an American and a Thai both with advanced degrees in linguistics and language teaching, analyzed thousands of Thai sentences to formulate clear and concise explanations for all the important sentence patterns of the Thai language. The book is arranged by topic for easy reference. Examples are given in both Thai script and transliterated Thai, written in the English alphabet with no special phonetic symbols. Tones are marked with a special font that shows the level of the sound of each word, essential to pronunciation in tonal languages like Thai.

Bangkok 2004
Orchid Press
Large size 190 x 250 mm
450 pages
ISBN 9789748304960

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Bangkok, Thailand


James Higbie and Snea Thinsan

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Orchid Press


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