The Farang Wife

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The Farang Wife by Tony Crossley

A sizzling and oft-amusing tale of gender rivalry”

An English graphic designer in Bangkok loves his lovely if prim wife, but he finds models at the photography studio he part-owns too much to resist. On the wife finding her marriage under threat, to cure her husband’s habitual philandering she decides to be more ‘sexy’. Little did she know the effect this would have on her psyche.

An expat Pattaya estate agency manager married in the UK believing that his former mini-celebrity wife would serve his social aspirations. He combines his photography hobby with his penchant for skirt-chasing. The wife attempts to jump-start her flagging marriage by reviving her modelling career.

“Not a book a man would want his wife to read.” Frank Maddox (Raconteur)

“A riotous romp that kept making me want one.” Wilkins McQueen (Novelist)

Pattaya 2009
Tighe Books
ISBN 9786119019003
352 pages

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