Winter in Tibet by Alex O’Brien

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Winter in Tibet by Alex O’Brien

Gang fights and shoot-outs from the streets of Hong Kong to the mountains of Tibet. Fast-paced John Grisham-style thriller.

Justin Standell is a talented corporate lawyer who has designed his life around serial relationships with his career and his women, and his drug-addled sojourns on tropical party islands. When he signs on at a law firm in Hong Kong, the first person he meets is Lila Li, who takes him to Macao – and the beginning of an adventure beyond the pale.

Events with Lila and at the firm lead Standell to Tibet, where there have been disappearances among the nomadic population. Following a trail of money to Lhasa, Standell encounters an odd selection of confederates and adversaries as he closes in on his goal. As the action shifts between Hong Kong and Tibet, Standell uncovers the truth that binds these two cultural poles. But not without first admitting his own past. What transpires will make it impossible to return to what he was before – ever.

“Lawyers have never seemed so sexy.” South China Morning Post

“Alex O’Brien knows his territory and brings it to life with chilling authenticity.” Stephanie Kane

Asia Books
Bangkok 2005
222 Pages
ISBN 9789748303666

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