Stone Gods

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Stone Gods, Wooden Elephants by Bob Bergin

Chasing antique smugglers in the jungles and cities of exotic Asia

An Adventure-Suspense Novel Packed With Intrigue

"A fast-paced page-turner by an old Asia hand with an insider’s knowledge of the antiquities trade… a good read for the armchair adventurer. Harry Ross, a now respectable antique dealer, and a former lotus eater pal Aloysious Grant uncover a previously unknown Khmer site – replete with statuary of unsurpassed beauty and value. Unable to resist the chance to make a fast buck, these modern-day musketeers, along with Wit, their long suffering Thai retainer, swashbuckle their way through a series of daring encounters with elephant-mounted Karen tribesmen, a ring of vengeful, tenacious counterfeiters, and even manage to outwit the Thai army and constabulary. Their exploits are bankrolled by a Mr. fixit – the shadowy Sato, a Japanese with a murky past. A sprinkling of beautiful (and intelligent) women not only satisfy the protagonists’ male fantasies, but save the day for them on a number of occasions as the story draws to its unexpected conclusion."
Sylvia Fraser-Lu,
author of numerous books on Asian arts and antiquities, including Silverware of South-East Asia and Splendor in Wood: The Buddhist Monasteries of Burma.

"An adventure story with a delightful twist. Bergin leads you through the jungles of Thailand and the world of antiquities with a steady hand and a sharp eye. A good read."
Richard Rashke, author of Escape from Sobibor and The Killing of Karen Silkwood.

Bob Bergin is a former foreign service officer and Southeast Asia specialist who deals in Asian art and antiquities. When not pursuing art treasures, he tracks down and writes about historic aircraft and the men who flew them in Southeast Asia and China. His articles have appeared in publications in the US and Asia.

US 2002
Impact Publications
Size 155 x 230 mm
318 pages
ISBN 9781570231773

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